Anove™ Technology

Anove™ captures all relevant data you need to protect your business and assure compliance.

It is a cure for lowering administrative bureaucracy and enables your go-to-market simultaneously. We have already researched and developed this technology since 2004. Anove is a proven and in-house developed technology.

Take off

In the Take off, we identify together with you in only one hour:
your core (digital) assets,
the inherent risks,
and the relevant security measures to reduce your exposure.
In five simple steps we identify your main assets, the risk they expose and your personalized key action plan.

The outcome is a three-page sample assurance report, including your high-level risk exposure in euros, the security performance, and a tangible roadmap of actions.

And everything is captured in the Anove technology.

Into Orbit

Into Orbit with Anove consists of session-based dialogues. We ignite the journey of digital assurance with a collective meet-up with all actors on all relevant levels within the organization (strategical, managerial, and operational).

After collecting all relevant goals, deliverables, and information, we help you set the course of all actions and owners. We facilitate this session via a proven Group Support System (GSS) method, enabling all stakeholders to take part.

The results are captured in Anove and a digital assurance report. This report includes a detailed risk status in euros and security and privacy measures and their metric-based performance.

The Anove dashboards on a strategic, managerial, and operational level will guide anybody in your organization to win new customers and markets.

Start your journey

Set your course towards digital assurance
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