What is Digital Security Assurance?

Digital security assurance is the systematic approach to safeguarding digital systems and data against cyber threats, encompassing risk assessment and the implementation of security measures.It plays a crucial role in maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of digitalenvironments.

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Anove™ anchors digital data protection by bringing together the capabilities needed to help organizations accelerate in the digital age. We help harness the power of technology. We optimize and automate operations and maintain compliance. Our focus is to protect your digital business assets. With our proven and in-house developed digital assurance technology Anove we help you to focus on your business.

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The Technology

Anove Technology

Anove Technology captures all relevant data that you need to protect your business and to assure compliance. It is a cure for lowering administrative bureaucracy and enables your go-to-market simultaneously. We have already researched and developed this technology since 2004. Start now your journey for digital assurance.

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The best allocation of human resources
Digital risk exposure in euros
Improved privacy, audit, and compliance controls without bureaucracy
Actionable and proportional mitigating measures
your accountabilities through ownership and fact-based security performance
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Anove provides an aid for digital assurance


in capturing all relevant data and providing you with continuous risk and security insights. So you are in control.


the right persons, on the right time, to the right actions with the right outcome. Thereby ensuring ownership and commitment.


your people with an effortless technology that leverages existing resources to ensure execution and progress.


by helping you with a one-source-of truth, reduce drag and save time, so you can regain focus on what’s important: your business.


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